Tips To Customize The Best Diamond Ring Possible

If you are thinking about buying a diamond engagement ring in USA or if you are all prepared to customize the ring as per your liking- there are certain things you should be well aware...

Travel Guide To Newark Airport

As every destination is different, so is every airport. While navigating in a new city and airport can a bit challenging. Though this is not the case with the Newark Airport. As traveling to...

Lake Tahoe A Perfect Wedding, In a Perfect place, On a Perfect Day!

A Wedding where everything is perfect is one that inspires conversations creating your most wonderful memory. To make your wedding memories stand apart, you need to turn your big day into a total Tahoe...

Dentistry And Types Of Common Dental Procedures

Dentistry is a branch of medical studies that specializes in the study in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disease, disorders, and conditions of the oral cavity, in the dentition. The study of dentistry also...

5 Surprising Ways To Pair Craft Beer With Food

Drinking with food or especially while having dinner is ages old trend that still continues. The wine has been a part of dinner table for a long time now. However, beer is not at...

Ask These 5 Questions While Choosing the Best Dermatologist

Let's admit it, skin issues irritate us a lot. Whether you are a young girl, a working professional or an elder, there are many types of skin issues you can become a victim of....

Kratom Use – Health Issues, Side Effects And Precautions

Though kratom powder is widely used by users in many countries and no lethal side effects are found, safety should be your first and foremost concern when you are planning to start taking kratom...
diy dronevideo

Dad Creates His Own DIY Drone

When Canadian vlogger David Freshet wanted a drone, he didn’t want to buy one. Instead, he decided to make his own, by attaching a GoPro camera to a foam glider. Here's how he did...
Pear and Berry Crumble Potsvideo

Pear Crumble Pots With Chocolate And Raspberries Recipe

Here’s how to make pear crumble pots with chocolate chips and raspberries. These are far too moreish! INGREDIENTS: 700 g Slightly Ripe Pears 250 g Fresh Raspberries 100 g Caster Sugar Juice From Half A Lemon 120 ml Water 100 g...
ariana grande braidsvideo

Ariana Grande Inspired Braided Tutorial

Hollie Kiernan shows you how to style Ariana Grande-inspired braides and waves. Related Video: Kylie Jenner Nude Lips Tutorial 





DIY Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is often an underused piece of workout equipment. But, as this video demonstrates, they needn’t be, because you can easily make...