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mozzarella sticksvideo

How To Make Mozzarella Sticks

Here’s a recipe that’s great for sharing - mozzarella sticks with an oregano, basil and rosemary coating. Yum! PREP: 15 minutes COOK: 20 minutes SERVES: 4 INGREDIENTS: 500 g...
coke vs coke zerovideo

Experiment Shows The Shocking Difference Between Coca Cola And Coke Zero

We all know that most fizzy drinks are loaded with sugar. But as this experiment shows, it might be worth thinking twice before reaching...
How to tie a tie in 10 secondsvideo

How To Tie A Tie In Under 10 Seconds

Here’s how to tie a tie in under 10 seconds, perfect if you wake up late and need to head out to that all...
diy phone chargervideo

DIY Phone Charger

Lost your phone charger and in need of a battery boost pronto? Then here’s how to make your own.
crystal ball crushedvideo

Here’s What Happens When Crystal Balls Get Crushed (Super Slow Mo)

This is the moment when two crystal balls got squashed by a hydraulic press, captured in ultra slow motion at 30,000 frames per second.   Related...
waffle ironvideo

4 Gadgets That Turn Food Into Art

Transform your food into mini masterpieces with these supercool gadgets.


the everblock systemvideo

Giant Lego Bricks Let You Build An Extra Room In Your Home

If you’ve ever dreamed about having an extra room in your home then fantasy could become reality in the form of giant Lego-like blocks. Thanks...
diy outdoor firewood hot tubvideo

This Man Created His Own Outdoor Firewood Heated Hot Tub

Having a bath at home can be a nice relaxing treat, but for some, soaking up the bubbles indoors just doesn’t cut it. This...
diy lava lampvideo

DIY Lava Lamp

Here’s how to make a lava lamp at home, using just a few simple ingredients.
sharpenning a knifevideo

How To Sharpen A Knife Properly

Here’s how to sharpen a knife using sharpening stone.


spring haircare tipsvideo

Spring Hair Care Tips

Beauty vlogger Mary Forester shares her spring hair care tips. Related Video: Mary Reveals Her Beauty Secret Weapon
Sleek MakeUP Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette

9 Must-Have Beauty Products For Under £20

When it comes to looking your best, you don’t have to spend a fortune on beauty products. We’ve proven that by testing a tonne...

DIY Honey And Cinnamon Face Mask

Give your face a well-deserved pamper with this homemade honey and cinnamon face mask, which not only soothes, restores and moisturizes your skin, but...

Shimmering Glitter Lips Tutorial

Stand out from the crowd and dazzle this Christmas with shimmering glitter lips. We show you how to get the look in under two...





60 Second Cookie Mug

Here’s a different take on the traditional cookie recipe – this one’s made in a mug, and only takes one minute to make! Here’s...