4 Innovative Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Venue With Flowers


In order to celebrate the beginning of a new life, people plan a magnificent wedding day. Although most of the people are crazy about using bunting and pom-poms in their wedding for decoration, flowers still remain the best way to decorate your wedding venue. In fact, they have an ability to change the entire look of your simple and boring wedding location and transform it into a unique and magical place with their beautiful arrangements.

You can use different types of beautiful flowers to decorate everything in your wedding from your wedding cake to the pews in the church. Flowers can be used in a variety of ways to bedeck your special event; you only need a few innovative ideas to see your big day truly blossom. Here are four of them:

1. The Center of Attention (Centerpieces)

When it comes to wedding centerpieces, they are very common, but most brides are coming up with fresh new takes on floral focal points. If your wedding theme is traditional, then the tall centerpieces with different floral accessories and candles will look beautiful. If you have decided to place the tall centerpieces, you just have to make sure that your guests are able to see each other across the table.

In order to create pretty centerpieces of flowers, use old jars, various types of containers and the metal tins, put varieties of bright colored blooms and floating candles into the container with water and paste the colored laces and ribbons on the outside of the containers. If you are looking for multi-colored centerpieces, tulips are a great choice. Centerpieces made of flowers can greatly enhance the beauty of your wedding location.

2. Walking Down the Aisle

With hundreds of beautiful wedding flowers out there and with so many different ways to arrange them, one needs to make sure that your floral arrangements are unique and attractive. Although spreading petals along the aisle is an old trick, it is quite effective. Petals of red roses are always a good choice to enhance the beauty of the simple place.

To create a lavish ambience and enhance the natural splendour of the venue, choosing the arrangements of small flowers with candles is one of the best options. The above-mentioned ideas work well in both closed wedding venues and outdoor weddings. If you choose an outdoor wedding venue for your ceremony, make sure that your venue is set in an already natural environment.

3. Cake Decoration

Nowadays, most brides choose various types of edible flowers to decorate their wedding cakes as it looks real and up-to-date than those traditional sugary floral decorations. Most cake bakers use fresh edible flowers to decorate the wedding cake.

A few colorful blooms can enhance the beauty of your simple wedding white cake. Moreover, you can suggest your cake baker to use some edible foliage with beautiful flowers to decorate each tier of the cake. This will definitely give a perfect look to your wedding cake.

4. Wedding Dramatic Decoration

When it comes to decorating the entrance of your wedding venue, sky is the limit. Dramatic floral pieces give a vibrant look instead of plain wedding venues. To create unique dramatic look for your wedding ceremony, it is highly advisable to use different varieties of blooms to make beautiful floral drapes and hang them in different ways.

Author: Daniel Clark is a floral designer and a famous author who believes firmly in the power of nature. He effortlessly involves the readers in his writing and gets them fall into love. He loves to Travelling when he’s not writing. He helps wedding event planners take smart and practical steps through his many years of experience in providing a great business value. Some times he write content for Mosysflower.co.uk.