5 Surprising Ways To Pair Craft Beer With Food

Drinking with food or especially while having dinner is ages old trend that still continues. The wine has been a part of dinner table for a long time now. However, beer is not at all behind in this competition. It is considerable fact that you cannot take just any alcoholic drink with your meal. Alcohol and food should have the ideal pairing.


For beer lovers, it is the most refreshing and fulfilling drink to consume with a meal. For which, you would need to understand that beer has different tastes like Hops (bitter), Malt, Dark, and Light. Many of you are often confused when it comes to pairing the right kind of beer with the right type of food. If you are one of them too, follow some of the simple tips you can contemplate while experimenting with the same:

  1. Try out complementary and contrasting flavors

In many restaurants, sommeliers and chefs try to find an alliance between similar tastes. So, they pair up a spicy dish with a craft pale ale. There could be other synchronizations such as fruit-fruit or chocolate-chocolate that would present a pleasant echo together. It is called the complementary pairing of beer and food.

The other one is about contrasting flavors. Two totally opposite flavors together would provide you with a great taste. Some sweet or oily dish with a hoppy beer would do well just like the stout and oyster do. Both the flavors would stand out without dominating each other.

  1. Comparison of wine and beer

Believe it or not but, it is not for the first time when beer and wine are being compared for their taste. Lager is more like white wine whereas Ale is more like red wine. If you like hoppy taste that you think would go well with your food, you go for lager instead of white wine. Trust this: you would no see much difference if you take it with the food.

At the same time, if you are preferring red wine with a particular dish, you can choose Ale or something similar with your meal. Craft Ale gives a robust and fruity flavor that would be perfect with a spicy or oily dish to cut through the flavor. Beer basically falls into three categories: light, medium and heavy. You can consider light beer with light food and a heavy one with a heavy dish.

  1. Drinking beer as a cleanser

The beer has been used as a palate cleanser for almost forever. The pairing is ideal when you are having a spicy Indian food or fatty oily food. A light beer would help you to rinse the spicy or oily taste of the mouth, giving you relief from the heat, and making you ready for the next bite.

At the same time, if you are having a heavy beer, you can have nuts or french fires to beat the taste as it is a widely accepted combination. Such food would cut through the hoppiness of an IPA.

  1. Avoid matching the regional food and beers

It is a false belief that Spanish food would go well with some local Spanish beer. The truth is different though, most restaurants provide a selected number and types of beers on a menu because that’s what people usually drink with their meal.

Thai Singha, Chinese Tsingtao, and Indian Kingfisher are great pilsener-style beers. However, they are not the once and permanent solution for pairing with the country dishes. Nonetheless, the coldness of the beer would always taste pleasant with hot spicy food.

  1. Have your favorite beer with the meal

Last rule is no rule. It means you can consume any beer you like with your food. Although beer experts recommend strong and fruity craft beer-flavors with spicy food, you can drink anything you like or anything that fills your mouth with the right flavor. You do not have to get something ideal always, you can have personalized choices and experimented preferences as well.

So, all the beer lovers, you do not have to drink wines for the sake of courtesy, you can always have a big glass of beer with your food. Moreover, there would be excellent money-saving offers on food & drink when it is about the beer-food combination in comparison to wine and food. Have a healthy meal with your desired beer and be happy!