From a finger fork to a robot cleaning ball, here are eight home gadgets that are currently blowing our mind…

1. Finger Forks (£5.99, Amazon)

Tired of messy fingers after tackling the buffet table? Then simply slip this gadget onto one of your fingers and pick away.

2. Magnetic Beer Hanger (£17.68, Amazon)

Holding up to three bottles each, this magnetic beer hanger attaches to the roof of your fridge, saving you lots of space while looking pretty damn cool.

3. Easy Pineapple Peeler (£7.99, Currys PC World)

Peeling a pineapple can be a nightmare – one accidental slip and it’s goodbye finger. This gadget puts an end to all that worry: simply cut the top off the pineapple and plunge away.

4. Illumibowl (£19.99, Firebox)

To all men reading this, there’s no excuse in missing the toilet at night with this nifty gadget. Motion activated, it lights up your toilet with nine different colour options.

5. Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball (£29.99, Firebox)

Wave goodbye to hoovering the kitchen floor, this loveable furball does it all for you. Cats will love/hate it too.

6. R2-D2 Kitchen Timer (£9.97, Menkind)

For all you Star Wars fans out there, this R2-D2 kitchen timer will help you wave goodbye to rock-hard boiled eggs and burnt bakes.

7. Microfibre Venetian Blind Slat Cleaner Brush (£3.59, Lakeland)

Let’s face it, feather dusters simply don’t cut it when it comes to cleaning blinds. This device removes all dust with one swift wipe (if want to have a go at making your own, check out this blind cleaning hack).

8. Masterpan 5 in 1 Frying Pan (£39.99, QD Stores)

Save time washing up after your cooked breakfast with this monster frying pan. With five separate cooking compartments, it lets you cook two eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, mushrooms – the lot. What’s more, it’s dishwasher safe too.