Ask These 5 Questions While Choosing the Best Dermatologist

Let’s admit it, skin issues irritate us a lot. Whether you are a young girl, a working professional or an elder, there are many types of skin issues you can become a victim of. Sometimes, it is pimples on your face or skin itching and sometimes, skin acne that annoys you.

Furthermore, skin is the body part that is visible and it might create issues with your day to day personal and professional activities. Sometimes, skin issues bring negativity and self-confidence issues too.

Generally, people go for home remedies for skin issues and it is a dangerous thing to do as they are not scientific and they might make things worse for your body. It is recommended that you don’t fall into the trap of such PR activities by unauthorized doctors and clinics.

The best way is to hire the best dermatologist clinic in London. If you search on the internet or your local business directory, you will find plenty of dermatologists in your area. Just choose one that you find a genuine with sheer expertise in skin related health conditions.

However, it is not easy to find the best dermatologist when you have a number of options. Here is a list of 5 questions that you might ask the dermatologist when you meet him in person.

What are your credentials?

Obviously, you want to hire a dermatologist who is an expert, don’t you? Ask for his credentials before you hire him. Generally, most of the dermatologists have their credentials such as degrees and other certificates hanging on the clinic walls. If they are not, ask for it politely and he will show. If he hesitates, just move on. Some patients find it inappropriate to ask for credentials, but it is not. You are paying for services and you need to ensure that you are choosing a right person to treat you.

Ask for testimonials:

One of the best ways to find out how a physician treats their patients is to check out testimonials he receives from the patients he already treated. These testimonials are genuine and you can trust them. Sometimes, like credentials, you can find testimonials too hanging on the clinic wall. You can read out them to ensure whether you are at the right clinic or not.

When you are choosing a dermatologist online, you can find online reviews on different online forums about doctors. These reviews too might help you to find the best skin doctor in London.

Ask about evidence:

Now, this is a tricky thing to ask as most of the doctors don’t keep such records. You might have seen those BEFORE-AFTER images of surgeries and it might reveal a lot. However, expert dermatologists have such proofs to show to the clients and you can rely on them.

What are the dangers involved in the surgery?

Yes, you need to know this before you make your mind. The reason to ask such a question is that there are some skin procedures that have some risks involved. It is important to know as much as you can about the surgery and side effects or risk factors involved with it. You can find such risk factors on the internet too.

Ask for the cost:

It is a most important factor that actually makes a buying decision. You need to ask upfront about the price for a particular skin treatment. Also, you need to ask about any hidden costs involved or not.


Go ahead if you find all these answers satisfactory and comfortable. When you visit the Best dermatologist clinic in London next time, don’t forget to ask this list of questions.