saber champagnevideo

How To Saber A Champagne Bottle

Opening a bottle of champagne with a saber is a skill usually only carried out by the elite, from royalty to French cavalryman. However, anyone can master this ultimate party trick – providing you...
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This Man Created His Own Outdoor Firewood Heated Hot Tub

Having a bath at home can be a nice relaxing treat, but for some, soaking up the bubbles indoors just doesn’t cut it. This was the case for Ben Uyeda, who decided to make...
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Handmade Pizza Valentine’s Day Card

Say ‘I love you’ in a creative way with this personalized pizza Valentine’s Day card.   Related Video: Handmade...
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How To Make A Fire With A Battery

If you ever ended up lost in the wilderness, did you know that you could start a fire with a battery and some chewing gum wrapper? This video shows you how it's done.
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How To Make A Wire Hanger Bookstand

Fed up of getting food all over your favourite recipe book while cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Well, you need a bookstand – but before you rush out and buy one, there...

Weatherman’s Solution For Defrosting Windshield Goes Viral

You wake up on a freezing morning with the dreaded task of scraping all the frost from your car. Armed with only a scraper, it’s the job that everyone hates, especially if you haven’t...

How To Make Fake Snow

When it comes to Christmas decorations, sometimes a conventional tree and a measly scrap of tinsel just doesn’t cut it. It’s a good job then that YouTuber Dave Hax has released a video that...

8 Household Gadgets We Want Right Now

From a finger fork to a robot cleaning ball, here are eight home gadgets that are currently blowing our mind... Finger Forks (£5.99, Amazon) Tired of messy fingers after tackling the buffet table? Then simply slip...

How To Open A Stuck Jar Hack

Next time you find yourself struggling to open a jar while getting all red faced in the process, don’t give up just yet because we’ve stumbled across a handy hack that can help. As...

Mason Jar Cake Candle

Not only will this candle give a pop of colour to your home, but the cupcake scented wax cubes give off an adorable smell.