toilet papervideo

The Tabata Workout That Will Leave You Reaching For Toilet Paper

If you’re constantly making up excuses about not being to work out at home because you don’t have the equipment, then this video is...
coke vs coke zerovideo

Experiment Shows The Shocking Difference Between Coca Cola And Coke Zero

We all know that most fizzy drinks are loaded with sugar. But as this experiment shows, it might be worth thinking twice before reaching...
How to tie a tie in 10 secondsvideo

How To Tie A Tie In Under 10 Seconds

Here’s how to tie a tie in under 10 seconds, perfect if you wake up late and need to head out to that all...
crystal ball crushedvideo

Here’s What Happens When Crystal Balls Get Crushed (Super Slow Mo)

This is the moment when two crystal balls got squashed by a hydraulic press, captured in ultra slow motion at 30,000 frames per second.   Related...

The World’s First Hoverbike Is Here And It Looks Epic

Footage has been released of the world’s first fully manned hoverbike being tested and it looks as incredible as you’d imagine. Emulating a scene out...
waffle ironvideo

4 Gadgets That Turn Food Into Art

Transform your food into mini masterpieces with these supercool gadgets.
iphone hacksvideo

6 iPhone Tricks Everyone Should Know

There are a tonne of hidden iPhone features that Apple don’t tell you about. Here are six of them that we think you should...

Watching Popcorn Pop In Slow Motion Is Out Of This World

Don’t you just love the sound of popcorn popping? Well, there’s an even more satisfying experience out there when it comes to the popcorn...

10 Life Hacks You Wish You’d Known Sooner

The world is full of frustrating obstacles, however, there are some beautiful hacks out there to make life a whole lot easier. Here’s ten...

Can YOU Spot What’s Wrong With This Photo?

A photo of a group bikini-clad women has gone viral – but can you see why? The photograph, which was uploaded to Instagram, shows six...
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