DIY Wedding Pomander

Create your own wedding pomander without going over budget with this easy-to-follow tutorial.

You will need:
– 8 sheets of tissue paper in lilac
– 8 sheets of tissue paper in purple
– 8 sheets of tissue paper in ivory
– Craft knife
– Ruler
– Craft mat
– Pearl headed pins
– Candle holder
– 15cm polystyrene ball
– Ribbon
– Pencil
– Floral wire
– Wire clipper

– Layer eight sheets of tissue paper together.
– Using a ruler and pencil, measure paper to 6 x 4 inches.
– Using a craft knife and ruler, cut the paper to the correct size. Always do this on a craft mat to protect your furniture.
– Fold paper horizontally about an inch wide.
– Turn paper over and fold again. Continue until you have created an accordion effect.
– Using your wire clipper or scissors cut a two inch long piece of floral wire and wrap it around the middle of your strip of tissue paper.
– Using your scissors, cut the corners off the strips to make rounded edges which will make pretty petals.
– One layer at a time, fan out the tissue paper to create the petals of the flower.
– Attach your polystyrene ball to your candle holder by piercing the ball with the spike.
– Pierce your flowers with a pearl headed pin and attach flower to the ball.
– Tie bow around the base of the candle holder.
– Position on the tables at your venue for your guests to enjoy!

TOP TIP: You can of course use a different sized polystyrene ball if you wanted smaller or larger pomanders. You can also use to flowers to create a garland instead of a pomander or simply make extra large flowers and hang them from the ceiling in your venue.