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'80s Fashion For Men

'80s Fashion For Men

The 1980s were a notorious decade for men's fashion, and the look is back. Here's how to give Eighties men's clothes a modern spin.

Step 1: Daytime

Start with the right pair of jeans. Choose a slim, even tight fit. Go for acid wash if you're a rock star, otherwise black denim will do the trick. Add a thin cotton t-shirt, with or without print, and top it off with a cardigan or sweater vest in black or grey. In terms of shoes, this look calls for either a pair of classic Vans, or Converse high-tops.

Step 2: Night Time

The good news is that '80s night dressing starts with the same casual look. Keep the jeans if they're black, or switch to black pants. Now take off the sweater, and replace it with a lightweight blazer. Go for beige, grey or black-- leave the white jacket in the closet. Change out the sneakers for dress shoes if you must, and you've got the Eighties - modernized for today.