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A Guide To Ballet Positions

A Guide To Ballet Positions

Ballet is a wonderful and beautiful form of dance. With this video, you will be shown the 1st through 5th positions of the feet and arms in ballet which are the foundation steps to learning ballet dance.

So, Reanne and I are going to show you how to do the positions of the feet and arms in ballet. Firstly, we'll start with the feet. So, here we go.

Reanne is going to start with first position and then go to second position, then third position and then fourth and then coming back to fifth and finish. So, there we have it, those are the basic positions of the feet and now we're going do basic positions of the arms. Starting in bras bar which means "arms down", we're going to go up to first position and open to second and then come to third, up to fourth, then fourth crossed, up to fifth and open fifth and down through second to demi second to bras bar and then up to demi bras.

And that's how you do your positions of the arms. Okay, so let's have a look at that again. The feet first, we're going to do feet in first, then feet in second and feet in third, feet in fourth and then feet in fifth.

And you'll notice that the fifth position is slightly more crossed than the third. That's it. Thank you, Reanne.

And now, the positions of the arm, starting in bras bar which means "arms down", we're going to do arms to first and open to second, then a cross into third position, up into fourth position and then fourth crossed up into fifth and then we'll open into open fifth. Now then, once you've got to open fifth, push your arms gently down to second and then once they're in second, if you open your arms and extend through your finger tips as if you're seeing light through the end of your finger tips, soften your elbows very subtlety as if you're pushing through water to demi second and then continue the pressure down to bras bar and up to demi bras. And there you have a port de bras as well as your positions. .