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A Guide To Beauty Contests

A Guide To Beauty Contests

Learn about entering a beauty contest and how it works. This video provides details about various beauty pageant contests around the world, specifically UK.

Hi. I am Liz Fuller. I am the new boss at Miss Great Britain and a previous winner from 1997 and for the last 13 years, I have been working as a TV presenter and producer at ITV and Channel 5.

Today though, I am going to be giving you advice on the beauty pageant world. So, a guide to beauty contest. Now, there are lot of beauty contest in the world.

Firstly, you have to approach this subject within your own territory. So for instance you are from England, you are not going to enter Miss America, are you? So, let's look at it first from each territory. UK.

I would say there are only 5 pageants I am aware of. There are so many that are springing up now, but I don't give my time to any of the others. There is obviously Miss Great Britain, one of the oldest; I would say the most prestigious.

There are then pageants that lead to Miss World. You are looking at Miss England, Miss Scotland, Miss Northern Ireland and Miss Wales. There is then the Miss Earth pageant and again I think they are divided into the 4 territories.

There is also the Miss Galaxy pageant, which I believe is divided into lots of towns. And then, there is a pageant Miss Universe GB. So, those are the 5 beauty contests I personally would give time to in the UK.

If you are going to approach those pageants, there are some general rules, with some in which you can't enter one and then can't do another. With Miss Great Britain, we don't state any rules. We believe in you girls and we also want you to have the freedom to do what you want.

So if you going to enter us, it is entirely up to you enter us first, or whether you enter Miss Scotland, Miss England or Miss Wales, Miss Northern Ireland. What happens is that a lot of you girls will enter the other pageants and then when you have got your experience, you tend to come to Miss Great Britain last and that's fine. So, that's how it works on entering beauty contests in the UK.

Abroad, there are lots of many different pageants, so there is Miss Universe and Miss America that compete against each other; one goes for Miss World, the other goes for Miss Universe. So, it's very different. So you really need to kind of concentrate on your own territory though, because if you try and keep up to speed with what France do and Italy do, it's kind of quite complicated.

So that's how you approach beauty contest in the UK. .