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A Guide To Budgie Care

A Guide To Budgie Care

Here is the ultimate guide to budgie care from taking the birds home to spraying them every three months to protect from mites and similar parasites.

Here's your guide to budgie care. You want to make sure you have enough space in your home. You want to keep the bird out of direct sunlight, you want to keep it away from the kitchen from, obviously, different gases, sinks, and obviously really, ideally, you want to keep the budgie kept in room temperature.

Now, when getting your budgie, you want to make sure you're taking them home in a box and not a cage. The cage can be exposed to the outside. There could be strong winds, people, different animals and anything that could really shock the bird.

You make sure you will take a nice dark box obviously with plenty of air holes. When settling the budgie in, you want to take home, make sure the cage is already set up with all the essential items and also, you want to sprinkle some food on the floor just in case when they're stressed, they might not know where the partridge is or where the food and water bowls are. So sometimes when they're stressed, they do stay down on the bottom of the cage.

You want to make sure there's plenty of food there, just in case. Once that everything is ready in the cage, put the box near the cage. Open up the box.

Let the birds come out of the box in their own time. Try not to kind of take it into your own hands. The best way is to be patient and gentle and let them come out of their own time.

Try not to handle them in the first week. Try and let them settle in, get them used to you, so they know, they will understand that you want to care for them and not to harm them. Right, their diet – they should have a diet which is fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetables, egg.

If you give them a balanced diet, they have everything they need, therefore preventing yourself from a vet bill. Not only that, healthy budgie is a happy budgie. Make sure you've got all the essential items you need.

Right, when cleaning the bird, make sure you take the bird out and it goes into a comfortable place. Moving the bird around out of his own will can stress the bird out so make sure you keep them in, you've got a second cage or if you don't, if he's nice and confident, let him fly around the room. Make sure you take everything out the cage and disinfect the cage thoroughly, preferably with a bird disinfectant.

Some of our disinfectants that we use everyday may be harsh to the birds so you want to make sure you use a disinfectant that wouldn't harm the birds and it's perfectly safe for them. Once everything is back in the cage, you can put the bird back in. Ideally, you want to keep the bird outside the cage most of the time and use the cage only for feeding, going to the toilet, for it toys and obviously for sleeping in.

Ideally, you want to keep the bird inside the cage when the bird is not being supervised. Obviously, you want to make sure the bird is safe at all times so make sure when you're out the house, keep the bird in the cage unless you know the area is hazard-free. In the cage, you want to have sandpaper at the bottom.

This will suck up all the urine or feces and you want to make sure that it's changed everyday to every other day. You really want to keep it nice and clean. They will perch along the floor and you want to make sure they're dirt-free, nice and clean.

Also in the cage, you want to have a cuttlefish bone which is a white fishbone all dried and not only that, their beaks continuously grow so you want to make sure that when they're chewing on this, this will also help trim their beak nice and short. A grape tree, an inexpensive tree for your bird, is millet. It's great but you shouldn't feed everyday.

It is quite fattening for them but they absolutely love it. So, you want to give it 2 – 3 times a week max as it can be quite fattening for them. Birds love spade and make sure you get one.

You can get it from a garden center, your local pet store, even our local pound store. Room temperature water should be sprayed amongst them and they love it. You'll see their wa