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A Guide To Destiny

A Guide To Destiny

This video details how destiny is related to Astrology. It describes how to use what Astrology tells you about your destiny to work towards your ideal outcomes.

Destiny in Astrology is one of those sort of odd things because people ask me often is there a fixed fate. Is something definitely going to happen? And, you know, destiny is the way that we're approaching things. In Astrology it's the blueprint.

But I always liken destiny to a bit of a map. You know, you can decide which way you're going to go. You can decide an end solution.

But there are often lots of detours and road works in your life that stop you getting there. So it's important to sort of, you know, with Astrology that you use the sort of, it as a guide. It's not a fixed fate.

If we sort of see that you are going to be in a good position for getting a new job in a particular month, or even a particular week, that's no good if you're not applying for jobs at that time. So you have to work with your stars rather than just sort of allow them to come in to you. So destiny is about sort of an approach.

It's looking a way forward, and using Astrology is very much a way of sort of getting to grips with your ideal destiny and how you can work towards that. Destiny in Astrology is really the potential. It's the potential for you to do things.

If you don't take those opportunities that the transits may be indicating, or that you shy away or move to something else then you may not fulfil your destiny. So, you know, understanding Astrology, understanding the transits, will help you understand your destiny. Destiny is really what you make of life.

It's how you approach life and it's the choices you make. You're each able to make your own destiny. Astrology will give you a helping hand to understand your destiny. .