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A Guide To Dream Analysis

A Guide To Dream Analysis

People often have dreams in their sleep and wake up wondering what it was all about. If you want to know the meaning of your dreams, then this video tells you how to record the factors of your dream and decipher them in a proper way.

Dreams analysis is looking at dreams that we have. We have long periods of dreams. We dream each night about three to five times a night.

But the importance of dreams is that they are representations of our subconscious and our inner feelings - our fears often come to the surface of dreams. And so it is important that we look at dreams because it gives us some idea of the things that are going on in our life, what we need to change. Dreams are also sort of our feeling of really where we should be going in our life.

It's our subconscious way of telling us what to do or where to look. Because a lot of things that we hide from ourselves in our waking life, that we hide or try to put on the back burner, dreams would come at night to really sort of, perhaps give an impression or push to our conscious mind to look at that area. So looking at dreams is a fascinating field and they all have meanings.

Some are very mundane, in order to get into accounting order. Some have a deeper subconscious of relationships or family friends or issues that we have at work. So the important thing is to try and remember your dreams.

Put a notepad and paper, buy your best side tape and as soon as you wake up, write down your dreams. Try and describe the dreams that you are facing. Recall anything that is happening around you.

Look at the environment, animals that are in your dreams, movements, whether you are going forwards or backwards, uphill, downhill. Try and think through the feeling you had. When you are feeling fearful in your dream, when you are enjoying it, if you can write down all these things about our dreams, the dream analyst can look at your dream and sort of look at where you are going, and you can also look at your own dreams.

See, perhaps it is giving you an insight in to your life. .