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A Guide To Neck Pain And Headaches

A Guide To Neck Pain And Headaches

Neck pain and headaches are two different conditions but both may be present at the same time. This video talks about some causes and signs of neck pain and headaches that you must not just ignore.

As a guide to neck pain and headaches, well, firstly, you have to realize that it can be two separate things but they can also coexist. So, neck pain can exist without headaches and headaches can exist without neck pain. So headaches, for example, can be caused by a lot of things – eye strain, sinus inflammation and also very much more life-threatening diseases like brain tumors for example, encephalitis and mostly those other things.

Migraines are also usually caused by dilation of arteries in the brain but when we get to the causes of neck pain, if we look at it separately, it can be caused by disc problems, facet joint problems, nerve problems, soft tissue injuries, bad posture, and those other things that put pressure on the neck. Now, the most common neck problem that can cause headaches is tension headaches and that's usually people who really work for very long hours in very bad postures and putting strain actually on the muscles that support the head. So when that's being put on a lot of strain, you'll get a thing called tension headache.

It's usually in the back of the head, starting in the back, both sides, and it moves over to the front. Like I said, that's the most common headache that's caused by the neck and that's, again, it's called a tension headache. So just to recap, a guide to neck pain and headaches, they can coexist.

Usually, the most common one is tension headaches because of bad posture, putting strain on the neck, and then obviously, headaches can be separately caused by things like eye strain, sinusitis, encephalitis, brain tumors and pretty much life-threatening diseases as well. .