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A Guide To Pageant Wear

A Guide To Pageant Wear

Really very useful tips for girls who are willing to participate in beauty contests that are held all over the world. Liz Fuller is really a beautiful and gorgeous winner of those contests.

Hi, I am Liz Fuller. I am the new boss at Miss Great Britain and a previous winner from 1997 and for the last 13 years, I have been working as a TV presenter and producer of Channel 5. Today, though, I am going to give you advice on the beauty pageant world.

A guide to Pageant Wear, okay. So let us say, pageant wear from the regional level first. When you asked to come to regional heat, you may be asked to bring different outfits, so you've got your swimsuit, your evening wear, and some heats may ask you first sportswear, and that is fine.

So what do you need to think about your swimsuit, I will really go for good color that matches perhaps your dress, so that judges can remember you from different wearing, and then with your sportswear, I would go for something that isn't – don't go for really tight crop tops and the really short level shorts. You want to show that you are sophisticated girl and that you can still wear what suits you, looks good, and shows your figure, but doesn't look too over the top, okay. Remember that.

When you come to the national heat of Miss Great Britain, you are asked to bring quite a few things. You are asked to bring a swimsuit and an evening dress, you are also asked to bring a white cocktail dress. You will be given a swimsuit, which is the Miss Great Britain new swimsuit, and you are also asked to bring a union jack dress.

Now let us take each of them, swimsuit. Yes, I think swimsuits with crystals will look good, but again black isn't a good color, imagine the line up on the stage with certain girls, black does not really do anything for you. So choose a right color, choose sparkly sequins, but don't have it too raunchy, don't have, I think, at the national finale of Great Britain, if you have one of these swimsuits that ketch out, you may be going wrong.

Please don't think a glamour model suit, you want to be thinking very elegant and you want to be a good role model to the next generation, and the young teen girls that will be looking it yet. Now, your white dress is for a cocktail party that means we are not looking for full blown tail across the floor. We are looking for something that suits you, a kind of a little bit on it, but necessarily if you are asked for a white dress round and it is for a cocktail party, need to make sure you don't upstage of the people because that you really need to look good in it.

Because you are all going to be wearing a white dress, it is easy to see, it is a bit more of uniform, it is easy to see, which girl is naturally will stand out. So it is not about the dress about a moment, it is about you in a white uniform dress in a sense. You've gotten an evening dress.

Now, you can be clever and choose the same color as the swimsuit or you can go for something different, but just remember get a color chart done, choose colors that suit you, so for instance, color charts in fashion will tend to be divided into different areas, which is spring, summer, autumn, and winter. I'm more of a summer person, really wears black, but if I was on stage, I would wear bright colors like turquoise and pinks and almost summer colors. Now, the evening jack dress, ah, this is the talent round of Miss Great Britain.

You need to come up with something that uses in jack colors that is red and blue. You can use a flag, you can use ribbons of a color, but this really a little bit of challenge to see how you cope with that. Yes, you can, of course, have designers for you, but I think it would be really nice and judges will ask questions did you make it, did you get involved in that.

So, when comes to the pattern of dresses, the last tip I am going to give you is, please make sure you read the literature because if you're in national finale without one of those dresses, it's not going to go good, so just make sure you know exactly what you have got to bring and feel comfort in your choice of what you've chosen to left. Good luck. .