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A Guide To Quail Breeds

A Guide To Quail Breeds

In this video, a quail specialist introduces you to different quail breeds that you might want to get in growing quails.

Hello, I am Nino Castellano from welwynquail.com and today I am going to talk to you about quails. The main and known breeds of quails are the coturnix.

These are quails that are, in Europe, very wild, but the breed that we keep in aviaries are sort of a main meat because they are bred for meat and eggs. These quails when they are fully grown, they can reach up to 450 grams and they can lay an egg everyday from spring or autumn. So on the beginning of March, end of March and middle of April, they start laying eggs and they lay eggs until the end of September.

In this pen, they are Red Tennessee's, they belong to the family of bobwhites, they are called Red Tennessee's because of their color notation and I've been told they were this impatient first when they appeared in Tennessee, that's why they are called Red Tennessee. In this pen are Mexican Speckles. These are the family of the bobwhites and they are called Mexican Speckle just for their color notations.

All their habitats and the requirement are similar to the family of the bobwhites. In this pen, I just keep Californian males. This breed comes from USA and lives along the Californian coast.

It comes from the north of California down to Texas. In this aviary, I keep white bobwhites. As from the name, they belong to the family bobwhites and this is an adaptation of the bobwhites.

There are a rare notation compared to all the others and the requirements are similar to the other breeds, you know, the habitats and the environment is the same to the bobwhite family. These birds belong to the family of the bobwhite. It is the biggest over the lot and is called the giant bobwhite.

It can reach 500 – 600 grams and the size is more of a partridge, really. These are Californian hens. These are from the mountains; they come from USA, the Oregon, the mountains of Oregon, all that way of area.

These are quite rare and difficult birds to keep but with the right environment, it can give you lost of satisfaction and as you can see, there is a box. And usually in spring, I put some in it, they build a lovely nest, and they will lay into the nest and they settle in it. These are Rain Quails.

They come from Pakistan, the mountains of Pakistan. These are Meyans. They come from New Mexico.

They are quite rare quails or in England, only very few people have got them. In the states, they go and shoot them. .