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A Guide To Short Curtains

A Guide To Short Curtains

Want to know when or when not to use short curtains in your home? Listen to Josie Foster explain the practical, and not so practical, uses for short curtains.

A guide to short curtains. Now, short curtains are probably the most unpopular. They are the most unattractive and they are only really used where there is no other option.

Usually, people like full length curtains or blinds and as a last resort they will have short curtains. Short curtains need to be put on bedroom windows. Windows where you have a radiator underneath the window, therefore, you don't want to stop the warmth from coming into the room.

You have no other option but to put curtains up because maybe the window opens inwards and you cannot have blinds within the recess of the window. The curtains need to be pulled back right off the window when you want to open that window. Or even if you've got to much furniture and you need the wall space underneath the window to put a table or chairs or whatever.

I would certainly not put short curtains in bathrooms over baths. That's most a, unattractive and b, totally impractical. And I certainly wouldn't put short curtains over a kitchen sink either, for exactly the same reason.

There's nothing worse than a short curtain splattered with grease and that's what usually happens in a kitchen with short curtains on the window. The other disadvantages for short curtains are, the light pours in below the hem. You cannot keep light out even if you have a blackout interlined and lined short curtain the light will pour out the bottom and completely defeat the object of the exercise.

It will also let the cold in. The cold will come in, hit the window sill and the back of the curtain and spill out underneath the curtain. So, that will defeat any warmth protection that you might have put into your curtain.

The only positive advantage for short curtains is that it is a cheaper option when it comes to the fabric and if you're going to have them made professionally, they usually are cheaper to make. And that's the guide to short curtains. .