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A Guide To Upper Right Back Pain

A Guide To Upper Right Back Pain

In many instances, back pain is concentrated on the upper right side of the back and it's often related to bad posture. Here is a brief guide on the causes and management of this type of back pain.

My name is Dirk Laubscher. I've been a physiotherapist for over the last ten years and working in Harley Street for the last six, and today, I'm going to talk to you guys about the causes and the management of back pain. A guide to upper right back pain.

If you look at the back and you look at the upper right side, what you have there is the connections of your ribs to your spine. So, basically, you got the middle part of your back, alright, so this should be your right side and it's basically here with the ribs attached to the spine, okay, and also, you get your shoulder blade that way. So, that could be a few things that causes pain there.

Again, with a lot of pain generally in the upper back, it doesn't matter if it's in the middle or in the right or left side, it's almost the same causes. It could be bad posture, people sitting too long, lack of extension, lack of movement around the shoulders, computer work, reading a lot. It's all the forward movements and again, lack of rotation and movement, and what happens again like I explained before, is those joints where the ribs attaches to the spine, they get stiff, they don't move with the rest of the body and because they don't move, you'll get the muscles reacting over them causing them to spasm up, and again when the muscles spasm up into a ball, it's a very hyperactive muscle continuously contracting which can be very painful.

Usually, these people complain of like stabbing burning pain on the right side. Okay, it's usually trigger points. In trigger points, like I said, they're very tight areas in the muscle where you get build-up of toxins, and again, that can refer pain as well to other parts of the body even up in the neck and down to the shoulder.

So, if you're looking at the causes of upper back pain, again, like I said before, it's usually posture-related and sitting, working on the computer in a very bad posture, never moving this part of your back, never going up and it's usually the joints that stiffen up causing the muscles to spasm up into little very tight and very painful tendon balls, hard balls, and causing pain usually in the upper right back and even sometimes going up into the neck. As well as bad posture, again, we get deformities, like I said before, kyphosis which is a more curvature of the upper back and also scoliosis where it's sideways bending of the spine. Alright, so just to recap a guide to upper right back pain or the causes of it.

Again, there's a few things. It's posture actually, sitting, working on the computer and you slouch over, putting strain on your upper back. It's a lack of extension, again, that could even be walking like this, slouching on the television, and then lack of rotation.

Alright, the upper part of your back, it's very vital that you turn because that's when you get maximum relief and mobilization of that area, okay, because it's a very stiff area and also, the deformities that I talked about was the kyphosis in the upper back if you look from the side, instead of having a sort of a natural curve, you get an accentuated curve. It's very stiff and also it's scoliosis which means it's a curvature of the spine is S-shaped form. Again, that can cause pain on the right hand side of your back. .