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Advanced Front Crawl

Advanced Front Crawl

Learn some practices from our experienced swimming instructor to improve your front crawl technique. Learn how to do front crawl, and improve your swimming ability instantly with VideoJug's help.

At this level the aim is about making each and every stroke longer and more powerful.

Step 1: Legs

The first practice concentrates on the legs. Over grasp the front of the float and keep your head up. Practice a length like this. Your kick action should be a little slower at this level. Slow kicks are better for long distances. For more resistance, place the float vertically into the water so it is half submerged and practise your slow kick action. These two practises really help you to build up power in your legs by making you work against the water resistance.

Step 2: Arms

Try the following exercises to practise your arm and leg technique. Without a float try single arm pulls, where you hold one arm out in front of you and work the other one. Keeping the elbows up high when they exit the water. Then try doing the catch up. With one arm in front of you try to bring the other next to it. As soon as both hands are next to each other, you alternate arms. This should really help the timing of your stroke and make it more powerful and faster.

Step 3: Breathing

At this level you should be able to turn your head smoothly and regularly for breathing. Try practising breathing in different ways. If you are used to breathing every two strokes on your left hand side, try doing it on the right. Breathing every three strokes, if you can, will help you swim a faster stroke.

Try to practise these techniques regularly. If you feel they are quite difficult, go back to the intermediate practices and start again to build up your skill.