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An Introduction To Jungle Gardens

An Introduction To Jungle Gardens

An Introduction To Jungle Gardens. An urban jungle garden is a great design if you wish to create a tropical paradise in you own back garden. With lush green plants and fun, themed landscaping features, it is also an exciting place for the children to have adventures in. This tutorial gives you the perfect start for developing garden designs and experiments for your specific garden.

An urban jungle garden is a great way to use a spare space. By using the likes of palms, canna lillies, grasses, ferns, and bears briches, you can create a green and lush tropical environment. Thankfully, these are all very easy to look after. Try cutting some of them down to the ground for lots of new growth come the new year. These plants enjoy plenty of moisture, so lay down some bark chips to help retain this.

Some plants, such as palms, will inevitably struggle in winter frosts. To combat this, build a simple wigwam structure with canes around the plant, and wrap in a horticultural fleece during the winter months.

A network of raised decking can help create the illusion you are wandeing through tropical tree tops. It is a great way to provide height in some areas, and alcoves in others. Attach some chicken wire to prevent slipping.

Carved telegraph poles that look like totem poles can create a fun element. They can be used to mark out an area for children to play in which is soft and safe thanks to the dense hardy foliage.

To carry on the theme of a jungle paradise, carve chairs and tables out of tree stumps. You can also use container plants to break up the area.

For fencing, use reed matting (which can be attached to an existing fence. It can consist of many materials, such as willow or heather. This will provide a soft, natural fence which will unify the rest of the features.