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An Introduction To Recycled Gardens

An Introduction To Recycled Gardens

An Introduction To Recycled Gardens. Recycling is an important activity in the modern world, and something that can easily be incorporated into garden design. Utilising reclaimed materials can provide a stunning rustic air to your garden, whilst helping the environment. Learn how to create a recycled garden with the help of VideoJug.

Use old railway sleepers to create raised beds. They knit together well and provide good height. A meter or so is ideal, and they are great for planting herb gardens.

You can also insert sleepers vertically into the ground at a range of heights for an alternative to fencing. They will all age at different rates and provide a variety of interesting hues.

Another use is laying into the ground as paving, combined with bricks, paving, and grass to break up the monotony.

Create a rustic climbing frame for the likes of Honeysuckle, Wysteria, and Hops by inserting old telegraph poles 3 feet into the ground and concreting in place.

Connect the poles with metal grills (usually used in foundation work), constructing a pergola. This provides a setting with a natural appearance that will weather well, providing yet more interesting colours and tones.

Pots can cost the earth, so use the likes of chimney pots, wash tubs, drainage tiles, and bins. Clip together slate tiles and insert a liner for an attractive container. Make sure you provide drainage holes for all of these.

Use old pallets as standing stones for pots which will provide good drainage in winter. You can also break them down and construct a compost heap.

Use broken shells over a membrane material as an attractive alternative to wood chippings. This is a great mulch to help prevent weeds.