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An Introduction To Victorian-Style Gardens

An Introduction To Victorian-Style Gardens

An Introduction To Victorian-Style Gardens. The cornerstones of Victorian garden design were order and neatness. It is a classic format which any gardener could be proud of. We show you the design aspects to bring into your own garden to create this Victorian landscape.

This Victorian front garden is set out with traditional terracotta tiles flanked with these dark black edges, leading to a bay window with climbers, and in the centre a formal display edged by Box and one or too strategically placed evergreen perennials. The colour comes from seasonal bedding. This is a high maintenance garden.

Victorian gardening's cornerstones were order and neatness. Ponds would be rectangular, cucumbers would be forced to grow straight and an immaculately manicured lawn would be the centerpiece. Impose this tidiness in your own garden to bring in a Victorian theme.

With a Victorian themed garden, geometry plays a huge part and one way to get those straight edges is to use this Box, which you can find in all garden centres, but it does have to be clipped two to three times a year.

The Victorians had access to a wide range of new plants from around the world and their use was seen as a sign of wealth. Make exotic plants the showpieces of your Victorian garden, using a greenhouse if necessary.

A lot of Victorian designs use plants you might feel are too tender, but this is a hard as old boots. The Cordyline/Yukka is a great architectural plant to use and is very typical of Victorian displays. You just need to take off the old leaves as they die off.