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Another Reason To Recycle Old Tv Remotes !

Another Reason To Recycle Old Tv Remotes !

Secret agents use a little bit more tech for tasks like this but we can improve pretty much the same effect !

Step 1: Flash Light Basics

Have you ever wanted to have night vision goggles? Well I'm going to show you how you can make something similar by using a hand crank flash light.

Step 2: Dismantle The Flash Light

First, you take apart its head. Carefully remove everything inside until you reach the LEDs. Gently remove the LEDs from the flashlight.

Step 3: Build

Then get an old remote control you don't need anymore and gently open it and look for the infrared LEDs on the circuit board. Using a soldering iron, remove them from the board. Now place them in your flashlight. But make sure to connect the plus and minus terminals right by using a volt meter.

Then put everything back together and you have an infrared flashlight invisible to the human eye. For better style I gave it a new color with a magic marker. I then applied it to my small camcorder using electrical tape to stick it on. Now you have an IR night vision camcorder ready for action.