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Aquarius: A Day In The Life

Aquarius: A Day In The Life

A day in the life of an Aquarius. An essential guide to the star sign Aquarius, for those born between January 20th and February 18th. Known as the water bearer, this video explains the tolerant and intellectual Aquarius within his daily routine.

Step 1: At home

Aquarius is an independent, thoughtful soul. As long as she's got plenty of friends, the water bearer can be just as happy single, as she can in a relationship.

Any partner she does have will need to be a visionary, caring lover who can give her the space and intellectual connection she craves.

When it comes to food, Aquarius is 100% natural, 100% organic, and 100% behind the Peruvian goat farmer who desperately needs her support to stop his home being destroyed to make way for an animal testing laboratory.
At one with her thoughts and surroundings, Aquarius may well be found reading her horoscope in the morning. In fact many astrologers are born under this, rather special sign.

Step 2: At work

Aquarius will bring a zen-like calm to her environment. She won't be stifled by the corporate restrictions that others will attempt to impose on her.

Idealistic and humanitarian, the water bearer is often a champion of good causes. But the stubborn streak of this fixed sign may mean that others will be forced to comply.

Worthy, airy Aquarius shouldn't be mistaken as someone that can wafted away. She's got strong ideals and beliefs and will love to get involved in a debate. Clever, curious Aquarius will want some answers and she'll probably want them quicker than anyone can supply them. This girl can summon up a hurricane so anyone who wants to take her on had better erect a strong defence.

Step 3: Socialising

After work, Aquarius will want to extend the intellectual discussion well into the evening. Intuitive, generous Aquarius will always be there for a friend in need.
But remember the water bearer wants to carry that load on her own. She's difficult to get to know on a deep level and can be aloof about her own feelings. If you want to stay friends with this independent spirit, you can't be too clingy.