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Argentine Tango: Basic Step For The Leader

Argentine Tango: Basic Step For The Leader

The Argentine Tango - possibly the most passionate and dramatic of all dances. The Argentine tango continues to thrive as a dance enjoyed worldwide- now VideoJug shows you exactly how to tango like the Latin Americans.

Step 1: You will need

  • some comfortable clothing
  • loose trousers
  • some soft shoes but not trainers

Step 2: Prepare to Dance

One of the most important characteristics of the Argentine Tango is that it is fuelled entirely by the intention and aggression of the male in the partnership.

It is one hundred percent masculine - completely dominated by the man whose job is to lead the woman step by step of the way.

The basic step for the man consists of 8 separate movements.

Step 3: Begin the Basic

Start with your feet together, your weight on your toes, tummy pulled in and chest open. From here, step back onto your right foot, draw your left foot into your right and step side onto the left.

Then draw the right foot into the left and step forward onto the right, now step forward onto the left foot and close the right to the left.

Pay particular attention to connecting the steps, always passing each foot close to the other in a transitional movement and not just clumsily 'stepping' from one position to another. Then try the steps a little faster.

Step 4: End the Basic

With your feet together, step forward onto your left foot, draw the right foot into the left and step side onto it and finally close the left foot in. Try speeding the steps up a little.

Step 5: The whole step

Try practicing the entire sequence from start to finish. Once you have done this, try speeding up the step a little. Keep practicing to become more and more familiar with the steps and with time, they should become second nature to you!