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Ball Juggling - Laces And Knees

Ball Juggling - Laces And Knees

Welcome to the Videojug Soccer School, brought to you in association with the Brazilian Soccer Schools. In this film we show you some how to juggle the ball with your Laces and knees.

Ball juggling is a great way to improve general technique. It helps you to gain confidence on the ball and improves your concentration. Using different parts of both feet will improve your ability to use the ball effectively on the pitch. Start simply and practice hard and you'll be able to impress more and more.

Step 1: Drill 1

Making contact with the ball on the laces of your foot simply throw the ball up to yourself and hit the ball with the laces of your boot, onto your knee and back into your hands. Do five with your stronger foot and then and then practice with your weaker foot.

Step 2: Drill 2

Now try and keep the ball in the air using the laces of your boot and the same knee. See if you can reach ten and then try and do the same with the other foot. Each time try and beat your previous score.

Step 3: Drill 3

Now try and keep the ball up by playing the ball from the boot to knee on one foot then the other foot in turn. Keep the ball at a nice comfortable height and see how many you can do. Keep a running count and see how it improves with practice.

Step 4: Drill 4

Once you have mastered using the laces of both feet and your knees use the techniques in combination with the laces and the outside of the boot. Joel here is up to 2000 – think you can catch him?