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Banjo: How To Wear And Use Fingerpicks

Banjo: How To Wear And Use Fingerpicks

In this tutorial you will be shown the more flexible picks to choose for your fingers to make different pitch sounds on your guitar and also some helpful techniques when doing so.

Ok I want to tell you about the picks I used to play with the Banjo. I use the plastic thumb pick made by Dunlop in this case which I put on my finger like this and which is mainly used to play the third , fourth and fifth strings. On the index and middle finger I have a metal pick each.

These metal picks have little hole in them at the sides, so they don't slip off your finger and you buy them and then shape them around your finger. I have got some new ones here you can see the metal sides of them are open so you can put them on your finger and push the metal down until it fits on your finger. What I also do, what I read in a Banjo book actually is I twist the cap of these metal finger picks.

So they have a slight angle, which will then cause your finger or the pick to hit the string with less of an angle. I can demonstrate the difference in sound. This would be the one without an angle and this is te one with the angle.

In a certain way it produces a more defined sound and I think it's a trick that's come from pedal steel and dobro players who started to get a better angle of contact and started to tist their picks. You can buy these picks in any guitar shop usually or any instrument shop and they should be about one to two pounds per pick.