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Bathroom Secrets Of A Cross Country Truck Driver

Bathroom Secrets Of A Cross Country Truck Driver

Don't let those bathroom breaks on your next road trip stress you out. VideoJug will show you the tricks to relieving yourself on the big road.

Step 1: Walk The Kids

If you are traveling with children, stopping every 2 hours on a long road trip is best. It helps to reduce the chance of bladder and urinary tract infections, as well as help keep the family sane.

Step 2: Pack A Potty

There are several kinds of portable relief devices you can pack for a long road trip. Some include waste containment pouches, disposable toilets, and even a child's porta-seat.

Step 3: Scope Before You Squat

It is always best to check the rest area bathroom before you commit to using it. Make sure it has the essentials such as toilet paper and seat covers and that it is adequately clean. Although it is rare to catch a virus from a toilet seat.

Step 4: Don't Leave It Hanging

Avoid hanging your personal belongings such as a purse or hand bag on the hook of a bathroom stall while relieving yourself. It is very easy for a thief to reach over the door and take your bag before you can do anything about it.

Step 5: Take Your T.P.

It's a smart idea to keep toilet paper, seat covers, and any other paper products you might find in a rest area in your car for those times there is none available.

Step 6: Going Roadside

Many people go roadside when there is no rest area in sight. Even though most cases are an emergency, you should note that relieving yourself in public is a disorderly conduct crime. If you must go roadside pull the vehicle as far off the side of the road as possible so you do not cause an accident. Put your hazard lights on. Use your vehicle as a privacy barrier. Be sure to avoid "leaves of three" when relieving yourself in tall weeds, they are generally poison oak or poison ivy.

Step 7: Bottle It

As a last resort, use an empty bottle to relieve yourself. This takes precision and responsibility since you should not attempt this while driving. Be sure to dispose of the bottle in the proper receptacles and do not leave it roadside.

Step 8: Rub It Out

Hand sanitizer should be included in your supply of bathroom paper products you keep in your vehicle because only you know where your hands have been.