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Block Tackling

Block Tackling

Block Tackling is the most important move in a defenders game. Learn how to improve your Football skills with this essential Videojug tutorial.

Block tackling is the most important tackle in a defender's game. It is a tackle played on a player advancing to you with the ball. It's important to get your balance and timing right.

You want to get your weight behind the tackle, don't just leave a foot out. So get your body over and behind your foot when you make the tackle. Try and create a low centre of gravity by bending your knees.

With a partner practice block tackling each other. One player should approach with the ball while the other player should use a block tackle to stop them. Just as with your skills it is important to practice using both feet. This way you'll be hard to get past either way.

Be determined – much of tackling is about how much you want the ball