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Body Massage Techniques

Body Massage Techniques

Massage has been shown to increase circulation to not only the muscles, but the whole body. Release powerful "feel good" endorphins within minutes Melt away tight muscles effortlessly. Promote faster recovery time and healing. Help prevent injuries. Help strengthen the immune system and much more..

We will show you how to combine those seven essential massage techniques to create your own symphony, your own masterpiece. By applying different pressures, different speeds and different strokes using those proven techniques, you'll be giving a great massage in no time.

From there, the sky is the limit, you can explore the rest of the body canvas with full confidence knowing that you have mastered the essentials for how to give a great massage.

And believe me, your partner will be thanking you for learning how to massage. And they will be thanking for years to come. Using these relaxing massage techniques, your special someone will truly become puddy in your hands.

Effective Body Massage Technique There are several body massage techniques that are being taught commonly all over schools that teach massage. There are three basic body massage techniques which are commonly used by massage therapists. These are eflorage , kneading and frictions.

These three basic techniques are usually used for back massages although they are also applicable for any part of the body. The degree of pressure that the masseuses uses on the individual will also dictate the satisfaction of the person being massaged.

Eflorage This body massage technique requires the masseuse to use a spreading motion. It helps to relax the person being massaged and get used to the masseuses touch. This is very helpful for those who are sensitive and sometimes ticklish.

The eflorage body massage technique is highly useful for starting and ending a massage therapy session.
4. Spread As The Masseuses In spite of this, it can also be used to link together two different body massage techniques.

This is especially great for aromatherapy body massage where the scent is spread as the masseuses use this particular technique for body massages on the individual. This body massage technique works best on large areas of skin and muscles such as the back.

Kneading Kneading is a body massage technique which requires moving the hands in mimicry of kneading dough. The masseuses' movements should not be small that they pinch the person being massaged but it should be wider spread hands and then soft kneading to bring desirable results. This body massage technique is a basic one for massage therapy and is commonly used for the different styles of full body massage.

Individuals feel relaxed and soothed with this technique. Kneading can be done on any averaged sized part of the body.

Frictions This body massage technique can be best described as rubbing a small area to produced desired results. There is a degree of pressure when using this body massage technique and the individual being massaged can dictate the intensity of the technique. This is another commonly used body massage technique that can be applied on any part of the body that can accommodate the thumb and fingers.

7. Basic Body Massage Techniques The use of these three basic body massage techniques is widespread and common. Many schools on massage therapy deal with teaching these basic moves to their aspiring therapists.

The important thing to remember with massages is to modulate the pressure according to the preferences of the client and to keep in contact with the individual during the massage.