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Bodyboarding: The Air Roll Spin

Bodyboarding: The Air Roll Spin

Bodyboarding: The Air Roll Spin. The popular and impressive air roll spin will impress friends, family, and keen body boarders. Follow our expert body boarders advice on how to learn the perfect moves on the bodyboard.

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 Bodyboard
  • 1 Wetsuit
  • 1 Leash
  • 1 Pair of fins

Step 2: Get some speed

The Air Roll Spin - or ARS - is a popular and dynamic trick that combines a roll and spin together in one aerial move. If your air rolls are good - AND ONLY IF THEY ARE GOOD - this is the move to be trying.

As with all aerials, performing the ARS requires plenty of speed and projection and simply will not work unless you leave the lip of the wave.

The best way to get speed is of course in your bottom turn or your surf line, sometimes known as trimming. You could do worse than looking at our guides to these moves here on Videojug.

Step 3: Hit the lip

Once you've got your required speed, the next step is to launch into your roll off the lip - This is the part of the wave at the crest, where it's just beginning to break.

You'll need to project as high and as far in front of the wave as possible. But remember: You need to have a good wave or a good lip. Without these, you'll get nowhere.

Step 4: Roll and spin

So you're now in the air, just where you want to be. Well now's the time to do a half or three quarter roll.

About halfway into your roll, begin the spin. Spinning inward towards the face of the wave, as you also roll across it.

Step 5: Land

It's best to try and complete the spin while in the air, but if not, you can always land it and then bring it the rest of the way around in the whitewater.

Tip: Bringing your legs together as you land looks much better and allows you to continue down the line with a good bit of pace.