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Boxing Basic Foot Drills

Boxing Basic Foot Drills

One of the things that made Mohammad Ali such a great boxer was his delicate, agile footwork. In this video, an ABA qualified boxing tutor shows you some basic boxing footwork drills to help improve your movement around the ring.

Hi, I'm Simon from Box Smart. I'm an Amateur Boxing Association qualified boxing tutor. Today I'm going to go through some boxing techniques with you.

For more information visit our site; Boxing-Classes dot net. So, now we're going to go over the footwork drills and movement. Okay, so in my boxing stance, my feet are never going to cross at any point, that's the most important thing.

So, if I want to move forwards, my front foot moves first. If I want to move backwards, my back foot moves first. If I want to move to the left, I move my left foot first.

If I want to move to the right, I move my right foot first. This way, my feet never cross at any point. So, now we're going to show you a footwork drill that we use to improve your footwork and make it become more natural to you.

If Enzo stands opposite of me in your set position, so if I moved forwards, Enzo moves backwards. If I move backwards, Enzo moves forwards. If I move to the left, Enzo moves to the right.

Also if I move to the right, Enzo moves to the left that way our feet never touch each other or cross. The final one we're going to do is if we were to jab and push away, and then set ourselves up for our next shot. So, from here my feet are in the set position.

I'm going to go to a jab here. Step back. To the right, and then forwards.

Okay? Again, from my set position here, I would jab, turning my foot then I move backwards, step to the right, and forwards. I've changed my point of contact there, but I've never crossed my feet. If I do that in real time now, it'd be jab, there.

Again, one more time. Jab, away, there. So, footwork is the key to making you effectively move around the ring.

This, you want to become as natural as possible over time. You can do this by shadow boxing or just literally in a mirror moving forwards, backwards, side-to-side in different sequences. As you get better at the movements, you can speed them up. .