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Boxing How To Put Gloves On

Boxing How To Put Gloves On

Gloves are an important part of safety in the sport of boxing. This video instructs you how to put your own gloves on, and how to put gloves on another boxer with out without hand wraps on.

Hi, I'm Simon from Box Smart. I'm an Amateur Boxing Association qualified boxing tutor. Today, I'm going to go through some boxing techniques with you.

For more information visit our site, Boxing-Classes dot net. I'm now going to show you how to put your own gloves on and how to put the gloves on a boxer for them. The gloves come in lots of different weights.

These are actually 12 ounce gloves. They normally start at around four for kids and go up to 16 ounce gloves for sparring. So, when you're putting your own glove on you would undo the Velcro obviously.

Palm facing upwards, push your hand in. This has got the inner fastening. Do that up there.

Velcro over the top and do up there. Always flex your fingers in and out. Make sure you feel comfortable.

Some people wear their glove looser, some tighter. Again, personal preference. There.

Now, when you're putting the other glove on, as it can be a little difficult at first because you've already got a glove on this hand. Palm in. Velcro over the top.

Pull that through. There. Again, just always flex your fingers inside the gloves to feel if they're comfortable or not.

That's how to put gloves on yourself. So, when you're putting gloves on someone else, your boxer for instance not everyone has got hand wraps so I'm going to show you how to put one on with a hand wrap on, one without. So, the one without the hand wrap, get your boxer's palm facing up.

Push your hand in. Always get them to push their hand firmly in, here. Ask them, "Is that comfortable?" Yes.

Okay. Again, Velcro around there. Is that comfortable? If it's not, you can adjust the Velcro either way.

Always get them to flex their hand inside the glove to get comfortable. Constantly ask him if he's comfortable or not. That's how you would do a glove without a hand wrap on.

To do it with a hand wrap on, obviously the area is a bit bigger so his hand will be a bit bigger. Open the glove out again. Again, get him to push through.

Comfortable? Okay. Here, across. Is that comfortable? Not too tight, no? Okay.

Velcro around. Tighten that up. Comfortable again? Just flex your hand inside.

Comfortable? Good. That's how to put gloves on with or without hand wraps on. .