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Boxing How To Throw An Uppercut

Boxing How To Throw An Uppercut

This video explains how to throw the uppercut in boxing. The techniques are explained by Simon from Box Smart, an ABA qualified boxing tutor. It is the shortest punch in boxing punches.

Hi, I am Simon from Box Smart. I am an Amateur Boxing Association qualified boxing tutor. Today, I am going to go throw some boxing technique for you.

For more information visit our site, boxing-classes dot net. So, I am going to go for you now how to throw the uppercut. Gain your set position, hands up, chin facing downwards, feet shoulder width apart.

We are going to show you the rear hand uppercut. It is actually the shortest punch of all the boxing punches, from throw here. That is demonstrating the normal time.

The best way to break it down is from here. Imagine your elbow been in line with your hip here and as your feet and waist move upward for the movement here, then stung your elbow possibly here. While I do it in this way, it would not stop you swinging the arm around.

So, from this position, your body is moving in an upwards direction here, pushing elbow off your hip, not forgetting in your lead hand protects your face, pushing for the movement. So, from here, all the movement comes from our foot moving upwards through my hips, elbow pushed off of your hip there up for the movement. All that I can testify enough is how much movement comes from your foot, first moving up from your body through into your hip there pushing your elbow off of the hip up towards the torsos.

So, to go over the point of the uppercut again and to show what so conditions we will throw it, I will stand in my set position with Enzo. So, my palm faces towards me pushing up for the shot, here, through his guard. Lead hand will take to my head, all the movements coming from the floor upwards through my hips starting my foot, up through here, foot, then hip pushing my elbow off my hip.

Again, we see the close range situation. That is how to throw the uppercut. .