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Boxing Warm Up Drills

Boxing Warm Up Drills

Simon from Box Smart shows us a series of boxing warm up procedures. He demonstrates bouncing in place, front punches, upper jabs, head rolls, and hooks. Simon also speaks about the advantages of doing warm ups, rope skipping, and safety procedures.

Hi. I'm Simon from Box Smart. I'm an Amateur Boxing Association-qualified boxing tutor.

Today, I'm going to go through some boxing techniques with you. To start, we're going to warm up. To start the warm-up, first of all we're going to bounce on the spot.

Just getting the blood flowing. Then, moving the arms out in front of you, straight punches. Keep moving at all times.

And upper cuts. Keep the arms moving. Then head rolls, always bending your knees.

Hands up at all times. And back to bouncing on the spot. Again, arms out front.

Get your base and uppercuts again. Now, hooks. Back bouncing on the spot.

So, you would use a lot of skipping in boxing. This is good for coordination and footwork movement as well. If you haven't got a skipping rope, you can just bounce on the spot, and just doing the work that is previously shown.

A skipping rope enables you to increase your heart rate quite quickly, and as I said before, the most important thing is your footwork and coordination. Okay, we use the straight punch warm up because obviously we'll be throwing jabs and crosses for our session. So, it gets the arms moving.

Good for coordination. The uppercuts, also good hip movement through here, keeping your hips warmed up as well. And the hooks, again, good coordination, keeping your elbows nice and level with your shoulder.

Again, it's a great warm up for your hips as well, and your legs. So, our warm ups should last between five to ten minutes, warming up complete full body. If you're using a skipping rope, make sure you've got a safe distance around you.

The warm up with the skipping rope will increase your blood flow and your heart rate quicker. Also, while you're doing the punches, this will warm up your shoulders, your hip area, knees, and ankles, all your joints in your body, and all the muscles in your body as well. So, when you're doing the warm up, make sure you've got adequate space around you.

And when you're doing this in a class environment, the same thing, make sure you've got enough space that you don't strike anyone, and you've got enough movement around you in your space. That's boxing warm-up rules. .