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Breakdancing: Basic Moves

Breakdancing: Basic Moves

Learn how to do simple breakdancing moves from footwork to floorwork to the freeze.

Step 1: Footwork

Rock forward with your front foot and bring it back before doing the same with the other foot.
Keep the arms and body loose and gradually build up speed.

Step 2: Floor work

Crouch down and move your right leg out to your side. Bring it round the front and hop onto this leg as you move it under the left leg.
Flick the left leg up straight up in the air as you hop onto the right leg.
Repeat this move.
Move your body weight onto your front foot and move this foot forward onto the floor, keeping your leg straight. Lift the opposite arm as you do so.
Repeat this move.
Twist your body round so you face the front ready for the final move.

Step 3: The Freeze

Put your right hand onto the floor with your elbow against your body to support your weight. Put your left hand on the floor and lower your head. Lift your legs into the air and freeze in that position. For a more advanced 'freeze', kick your legs out so they're straight.