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Bricklaying Tips

Bricklaying Tips

VideoJug user Steve shows VideoJug users some great bricklaying tips. Learn how to lay you bricks with ease with this simple video guide.

Step 1: Bond The Bricks

What we’re doing with the brick work is we’re bonding it. And this is called half-bond. The reason it’s called half-bond, is because the perp below is always coming in the middle or the half of the brick above, so we are bonding with half a brick every time. This is very similar to Lego. Bonding gets much more complicated in this line of work but for this job, all we are going to do is use a half-bond.

Step 2: Ensure It Has A Strong Even Bond

The secret with half-bond is to ensure that the perp joint is always in the centre of the stretcher face above. If we ensure that, we will get a nice even bond, it will look pretty and it will give the brick work strength.