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Butterfly Stroke For Beginners

Butterfly Stroke For Beginners

VideoJug shows you how to perform the Butterfly stroke, a basic swimming stroke that is very popular. The Butterfly Stroke is an essential swimming stroke which VideoJug makes easy to do.

Step 1: The Stroke

The aim with the butterfly is to ensure that both arms come out of the water on every stroke. Put your hands in the water in front of your shoulders, draw them back towards your feet. As your hands reach your thighs, sweep them out of the water and throw them back to the starting position.

Step 2: Legs

Your legs should be as close together as possible, kicking up and down as though starting off a wave effect in your body. Your knees should have a slight bend to them. When your hands go into the water you should kick your legs back and down, you should do the same when your arms come out of the water too. The timing is everything.

Step 3: Breathing

Your head is kept in the water all the time. You should only lift it to breathe. If your head is above the water it will make it really difficult, if not impossible, to bring your arms over your head. At this stage the easiest way to breathe is to push your chin forward so that your mouth comes out of the water. Do this when your arms are close to your thighs.

They key to breast stroke is getting the arms and legs working in the right order so that they become one fluid movement. Regular practise will help you get there.