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Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

Confection Perfection gives you a selection of ideas on how to decorate a Christmas cake using a few tips and tricks involving icing, paste and piping techniques. This is sure to make your holiday cake a great conversation piece at any holiday gathering.

Christmas is a time of year when most of us are very busy, so the ideas that I've got, they're quick, they're simple but very effective. The first thing you could use - there are lots of different styles of cutters available. The best thing when you're using cutters is to use an icing that's going to hold its shape.

If you use something that's too soft, your Christmas trees will look a bit saggy. So, this is flour paste, also known as gum paste. You want to give it a bit of a knead first.

You can make things white which would look nice against a dark background, or you can add color to the icing, or if you prefer, you can paint the color on afterward. So I'm going to roll this out. You want to roll it reasonably thinly.

And I'll show you how to make this Christmas tree design along the side. So, having rolled the paste out nice and thinly, you want to get your cutter, press it down firmly, give it a little bit of a wiggle to make sure it cuts through nice and cleanly and then press that out. And that one, you can stick against the side of your cake.

Edible glue works a great deal better than things like water. With a little paint brush, paint the back of your tree with some glue, and then just stick that in place on the side of your cake. Now, that would look effective on its own, but to give it more of a 3D look, what you can do is cut out some trees.

Cut them in half and leave them to dry. The easiest way to cut this in half is with a little cutting wheel, which is the cake decorator's version of the pizza wheel, but you could use a knife if you prefer. Cut that in half and then what you need to do is put this to dry.

I normally put it on a sheet of foam. This works better than just leaving it on a board. The air gets around so it dries much quicker and also the shape doesn't distort.

These are the ones I left to dry already. Now, to stick those to place, you could use edible glue, but it's not as strong so I'm going to use a little bit of royal icing in a piping bag. I'm just going to pipe along there and stick that on the side like that.

You could use the same idea and make a 3D standing tree. Pipe a line of icing down the side of the tree and then place this section to make a 3D standing tree. You can make presents to go at the bottom of the tree just using ordinary sugar paste icing.

With a knife, cut these into blocks and you can use all your leftover little bits of icing so you can have lots of different colors. Parcels come in lots of shapes and sizes so you can just make little shapes like that, and to make them look more like presents, you can use your icing to pipe ribbons. I'm just going to pipe up and over the top.

Now, for this, it really doesn't matter what shape your parcels are. It also doesn't matter whether you're very good at piping or not, because the quality of wrapping varies, so this can be a very authentic with lots of different styles of presents underneath. Then you can pop those in place.

And there's our selection of Christmas cake decorating ideas from Confection Perfection. .