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Colours To Suit Asian Skin Tones

Colours To Suit Asian Skin Tones

Professional make up artist, Naveeda, shows us which colours compliment Asian skin tones, and how to apply them.

Step 1: Base

Prep the skin with foundation and powder as you usually would, then dust a heavy layer of loose powder under the eyes to catch any falling eye shadow. Apply foundation to the eyelid with a brush. Naveeda's top tip is to always use good quality brushes to achieve a professional finish.

Step 2: Eyes

Brush a nude eye shadow over the entire lid. This works to prepare the eyelid for colour; keeping them intense and in place for longer.

Brush a dark purple colour into the contour crease of the eye, bring it back along the lash line and fill in the outer corner. Soften the edges with a blending brush.

Apply a lighter pinky-purple colour from the inner corner to the middle of the eyelid - the rule with eye shadow is too always wear the lighter colour to the inner corner, and the darkest shade in the contour crease. Blend the two colours together with a small brush.

Highlight the brow bone with a silvery white eye shadow. Intensify and deepen the look by brushing a very dark purple shade out beyond the eye in a sideways V shape; into the contour, and back along the lash line.

Create an eyeliner by dipping an eyeliner brush in water, then into loose pink eye shadow, mix together to form a good paste like consistency. Apply along the lash line winging out and up slightly at the end.

Now all the eye shadow is in place brush away the powder under the eye.

Fill in the eyebrows with eyebrow powder applied with an angled brush. Comb and eyebrow gel through to keep in shape.

Step 3: Below the eye

Brush the same shade of dark purple you used for the outer corner under the lower eyelashes. Get a dramatic look by lining the inner rim with black kohl pencil.

Add a finishing touch of mascara to the eyes. Apply the bottom lashes first, then move onto the top. Pulling the wand through in a zigzag motion helps to separate the eyelashes.

Step 4: Blusher

Apply a soft pink blusher to the apples of the cheeks, to find the right area, smile.

Step 5: Lips

Use your finger tips to dab foundation onto your lips to create an even base for lipstick. Outline the lips with a pink toned lip liner. Fill in the lips with a light pink lipstick. Finally bring the lips to life by dabbing a little gloss over the top.