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Curtain Tie Back Ideas

Curtain Tie Back Ideas

Many curtain tie back ideas are described in this VideoJug film. Handmade and purchased, as well as simple and complicated tie backs are explored, and many options are shown.

Curtain tie back ideas. Now, I've got four ideas here. The simplest is this swing arm brass curtain tie back which would be fitted to the wall or the window frame and would hook round the curtain and be very simple indeed.

That's one. This big plain one would hook back a very large pair of very thick curtains. This is a plaited one.

It's made totally by hand. And that's, again, quite a heavy tie back. And this one is a heavy curtain tassel tie back, which obviously you don't make yourself, you buy.

And they are quite expensive. There are loads of them on the market. More than I can say, and there are there are modern ones, classic ones, traditional.

It's just a question of going around the shops and having a look. Here I have some tie backs that you can make yourself. The very plain one, these, we very rarely see these today.

But those are coming back and they're fairly decorative. Here's our plaited one. That would be very easy, it's just a pull up one and that's two fabrics wound.

The fabrics that you've used in the curtains and so, they go on. There are loads of things you can do to tie back curtains. And those are some ideas on curtain tie backs. .