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Dance Moves: An Emergency Guide For Men

Dance Moves: An Emergency Guide For Men

A film showing a number of emergency dance moves for men. It's not quite high school musical but these online dance moves will help save you from embarrassment and allow you to impress on the dance floor.

Step 1: You will need…

Dance moves: An emergency guide for men

Step 2: What not to do

Dancing isn't just about the steps. Oh no. Dancing is about attitude. Yes you should relax and have fun with your friends but let's not get carried away...

If toes are broken, cheeks are slapped or sweat is dripping, you are not dancing. You are cavorting wildly and it's not attractive. So take some time to learn the rules.
1) No singing. Concentrate on the job of dancing, let the beat be your guide not the words. You wouldn't normally sing in public so why start now?
2) Mauling. Dancing with someone should not be seen as an opportunity to grope their ass. Try a subtler approach to showing your affection.
3) Whoop whooping- Closely related to number 1and no less heinous; the whoop whoop should be confined to the 80's and never spoken of again.
4) Narrative dancing. You are not here to tell a story, and although you may think that the old 'mowing the lawn' number is a fail safe party starter, that look on their face is not awe, it's uncensored ridicule so put down that can of beans, turn off the engine and stop blaming it on the boogie.
5) Pointing, clapping, bouncing or clicking your fingers is not cool.
You may see others doing it but these moves simply highlight the
fact that your grasp of the beat is not as firm as theirs.

Step 3: Relax

Before you begin, take a few minutes to relax and loosen off. You want to look confident and approachable so smile and make eye contact with other people on the dance floor.

Step 4: Rhythm

Before you actually begin to move, listen to the music and identify the beat.

Step 5: Movement

Once you've got the beat, start to nod your head lightly in time to the music and take a walk around the dance floor to get into the mood and find some space to dance.

Step 6: Basic step

Keep things really simple by using a basic step and touch.

Step 7: Variable

Once you're comfortable with this move you can vary the direction you step in. Try going forward and back or diagonally. The key is not to be too rigid or stiff, just move to the music and with the other people on the dance floor.

Step 8: The arms

Let your arms swing to the music at about waist height. Remember to try to avoid clapping, pointing and any wild flailing movements.

Step 9: Space

When you're ready to progress, feel free to move around the dance floor or add in your own steps. Just remember to use this basic step as the foundation off all your moves as it will ensure that you stay with the beat.