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Danger: Expired Contact Lenses!

Danger: Expired Contact Lenses!

It says right on the directions that you shouldn't wear your contacts any longer than two weeks. You're going on your six or seventh - you've lost count. What REALLY happens when you wear contact lenses longer than recommended?

Step 1: Best Case

Your contacts will will get coated with germs and protein, your eyes will get red and irritated, and you'll have to wear glasses until your eyes feel better.

Step 2: Worst Case

You'll develop an infectious corneal ulcer that may lead to scar tissue which can lead to vision loss, and even blindness. Symptoms of an infectious corneal ulcer include squinting, redness, pain, tearing, and small pupil size.

Cleaning and disinfecting disposable contacts won't make a difference. After you've worn them for the recommended time period, they're done. You have the facts, now you make the call.