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Daniel Sandler's Tip: Applying Blusher

Daniel Sandler's Tip: Applying Blusher

Celebrity Makeup Artist Daniel Sandler shows VideoJug his tips for applying blusher. Using different types, different techniques and styles, this guide to applying blusher makeup is unmissable.

Step 1: You will need

  • Pressed powder blusher
  • Shimmery powder
  • Blusher brush

Step 2: Choosing blusher

Consider your skin tone and type when choosing blusher. Women with warm skin and dark hair suit pinker shades, while those with light hair and paler skin suit peach shades. Use cheek stains and gels for a dewier look.

Step 3: Applying blusher

If you are using pressed blush powder, apply a little bit of foundation and powder onto the face beforehand to create a matte complexion. Use light, circular motions and apply the blusher to the apple of the cheekbone, moving up and out with the brush. Apply highlighter to the upper, outer edge of the cheekbones to give sparkle and complement the contour of the cheekbones. Use your fingers to blend in the products to avoid stripes. If you have a rounder face, apply the blusher up the cheekbone rather than focusing on the apple of the cheek.