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Dent Removal Technique

Dent Removal Technique

What happens when you use dry ice on a hot car? How to get those dents out easily and without paint loss. See for yourself!

Step 1: Car Dent Removal

If we're good to our cars, they'll be good to us. But sometimes repairs can be pretty expensive. Those little dings and dents are annoying. But it doesn't take special skill to remove them yourself.What the body shops don't want you to know. Here is a Paintless car dent removal trick revealed!

Step 2: Dry Ice

We'll start with a small hail dent. All it takes is some dry ice! It runs about a dollar a pound, and can usually be found at your supermarket. Applying it on and around the dent causes the metal to contract.

As the metal contracts, the dent is pulled out. Of course, you'll want to wear a heavy set of gloves to do this. And it works best on a warm day. It's never damaged the paint on any of the cars I've done this to, even ones with Clear Coat.

It seems like magic when the car dent disappears. But is DOES work! This is the same technique used in "paintless dent removal." The difference is, you spend a few dollars instead of hundreds.

Step 3: Dent Size

Not convinced? Let's try one a little bit bigger. You can apply a lot of pressure. And not scratch your car. It is ice after all. It just goes straight to gas instead of liquid. It takes about 3 or 4 minutes on average. But you get the idea. I obviously could have made this video shorter. But I REALLY wanted you to see it for yourself.

Step 4: Bad Dent

How about a reasonably bad dent? How about this one? I think my cat threw a rock or something. It takes a little longer. But as you can see. It works for me, and it will work for you too! Thanks for watching!