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Essential Babyware Wardrobe

Essential Babyware Wardrobe

Parenting Expert Linda Day will help you eliminate confusion and shop confidently when buying baby clothes for your newborn. Linda covers what is needed to create an essential wardrobe for your baby, what to shop for year-round, and how to care for your baby's clothes.

Step 1: Newborn Arrival

The essential baby wardrobe: As you prepare for the arrival of your newborn, deciding what clothing they will need can be confusing. Many stores have a huge selection of baby clothes most of which you won't actually need. It's important to remember that your baby will grow rapidly during the first few months, outgrowing clothes just as fast.

Step 2: Baby's First Wardrobe

When shopping for your baby's first wardrobe, you should focus on the basics. And remember that many people will be buying clothes as gifts. Persil non-bio and Comfort Pure have teamed up with Mothercare to bring you this guide.

Step 3: Vests

For a start you're going to need a vest--bodysuits, vests, wrappers, vests- there are many different sorts of names of vests in different styles. A wrap over vest can be very handy to have and certainly for a young baby. It's easy to put on. You don't have to take it over the baby's head.

Step 4: Sleep Suits

Sleep suits--very useful to have, around about 6-8. Little hats and scratch mittens are really useful to have. Pairs of socks are really handy to have especially in the summer months because you sometimes might use a bodysuit if it's very warm. And you might put some little socks on to keep baby's feet warm.

Step 5: Bibs and Muslins

Bibs and muslins--muslins squares are extremely useful for mums, great to be used as a bib or it can be used to mop up after feeding.

Step 6: Keep The Baby Warm

A shawl or a blanket is very handy to have when you're going out. And sleeping bags are now getting very popular. They can be used during the summer and winter months.

Step 7: Summer Wardrobe

Summertime, of course, you protect them with a hat or a canopy. Winter babies should be layered up. Make sure they're nice and warm. But also bear in mind when you go into places where there's central heating, remove layers so baby doesn't get too hot.

Step 8: Washing Baby Clothes

With regards to washing baby's clothes, wash them when you buy them, non-bio, gentle washing powder. If you don't have access possibly to a tumble dryer or an easy place to dry them quite quickly, you may need more quantities of essential baby clothes