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Exam Technique

Exam Technique

A guide to exam technique, this film shows you what to do in an exam in order to get the best out of your revision and succeed in your exams.

Step 1: Read

All the instructions carefully so you know how many questions to answer, what they're worth and which ones are compulsory.

All the questions and avoid leaping on the first 'easy' one you spot.

And beware questions you recognise from past papers, they may have been subtly changed.

Step 2: Plan

Which questions you want to answer and in what order.

How much time you've got for each one - put your watch in front of you and try and stick to your timings.

A quick bullet-list of points to give you a handy structure for essay questions.

To use any spare time you have at the end of the exam for checking through your answers.

Step 3: Write

Answers to the questions that have actually been set, not the ones you'd hoped to see.

As concisely as possible. Keep to the point.

As neatly but also as quickly as you can. Try not to spend too long on any single question, however much you get into it.

A concise list of what you would have put in your answer if you find yourself running out of time, that way you should still score some points.

Step 4: Avoid

Cheating. It's not worth the stress and you're bound to get caught.