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Fashion Police: How To Wear Classier Clothes

Fashion Police: How To Wear Classier Clothes

The Fashion Police are here with their latest Beauty 911 - to show YOU how to dress well.

Step 1: Bra Straps

It's not classy to show off your bra straps... particularly a dark bra under a light top. Choose subtle colours and NEVER wear bras with plastic straps.

Step 2: Tight Clothes

Don't wear anything too tight... You want your clothes to be well fitted with a smooth silhouette rather than bulging bra or panty lines.

Step 3: Show of your legs or cleavage

Show off your best feature but don't show too much flesh. Either show off your chest or your legs, but not both.

Step 4: Best features

Draw his eye to your best features with accessories that complement the rest of the outfit.