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Fashion Trends: How To Wear Floral

Fashion Trends: How To Wear Floral

Celebrity Stylist Zoe Lem teaches you how to wear florals - a very pretty trend for spring/summer.

Step 1: Head to toe floral

This is a great look for when the sun is shining & its very pretty.

You can wear head to toe floral as long as you get the right balance of colour and texture. If you have a dress in a floral pattern, if you add accessories and a shrug with a floral texture rather than pattern you can bring together a nice balance. So choose 1 of the colours from your pattern for your accessories and don't forget the right shoe colour.

Step 2: Mix of floral patterns

If you like this theme & want to really go for it you can but you need to be careful.

If you have a great cotton dress in a vintage style you can add a cotton, vintage style bag. You need to stick with the same themes. Don't go abstract mixing with old style or modern with art nouveau.

You need to be careful of fabric - don't mix satin with cotton or silk mix with crepe. Stick with the same fabrics and you're sure to get it right.

Step 3: Floral flavour

You can keep on trend without going over the top. For just a flavour of floral go for separates.

If you go for a skirt in floral pick out 1 of the colours and wear it on top so it blends rather than just a white or black top.

Step 4: The right size pattern

This is about getting the right size for your figure. You need to be careful, the pattern should be relative to your height and build.

If you're petite don't go for a big abstract, bold pattern - it will drown you and make you look smaller.

If you have a fuller figure or you're taller don't choose something too small as it will make you look bigger.

The pattern size should be in proportion with your body.

Step 5: Floral accessories

For a little spice you can add a bag, shoes, jewellery or a scarf but don't wear them all together. Choose one thing and let it be a statement piece. A bright printed bag can be a statement as long as you pick out the colours and the whole outfit works together.